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Muralist Dionisio Ceballos
Orange County Register: How Frida Kahlo and Jack Daniels led to a giant mural at Santa Ana High

Doctor Detail
Los Angeles Times: Costa Mesa auto shop has all the details on creating a vehicular masterpiece
Orange County Register: Trading an $800 artwork for a $350,000 Porsche? It could be, thanks to a Costa Mesa car restorer

Diamond Kinetics
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Padel California

First North County Padel Courts Open in Oceanside


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Zybek Sports
SportTechie: The 40-Yard Dash Times Can’t Be Trusted During This Year’s NFL Draft
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ESPN Radio Las Vegas audio (below): CEO and Founder of Zybek Sports Michael Weinstein discussed the importance we give to the .40 times in the NFL combine at 32 minutes. (audio below)