We are thrilled with the success of our new client, SafeSleeve! Recently we were able to get them press coverage on Forbes.com, the Orange County Register, the Coast News and San Diego Business Journal. This company is an example of great success story for a local North San Diego County business.

I just received a very nice email from the Co-Founder, Cary Subel.

“Dave has utilized his extensive industry experience, knowledge, and connections to get us relevant coverage that has taken our brand awareness to a completely new level. The best part has been that he fully understands our high level goals and has acted almost completely autonomously, while keeping us in the loop and asking for input just the right amount. It’s hard to measure the value of having Dave handle our PR, but I can say that it has been well beyond our expectations. I just wish we would have found him sooner!” – Cary Subel

I appreciate the kind words and look forward to our continued partnership and success for SafeSleeve!